Joséphine Gasnault


It's better to be different !

Hi my name is Joséphine Gasnault, I'm twenty years old. I'm a second year student at EBS Paris. I will graduate in 2021 with an MBA. I'm interested in law and theater promotion. Moreover one day I would like to build my own company to help children with difficulties at school. I would like to work with psychiatrics and psychologits to find a new teaching way for children who have ADHD or dislexia.

I'm president of "Solidarity to Share". In this EBS association we try to help big humanitarian fondations locally, like "Fondation de France". Now we are twenty five members, and we did three actions at EBS. We want to develop an action for our fourth year in Vietnam to build school.

I was a seller in a shoes shop called Fairmount for six months at part time, after I did an internship there at Fairmount. I also worked Sundays for two months in a big department store called BHV.

I love listening to the Beatles, George Harrison. I adore the Monty Pythons. I enjoy fantasy like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. I'm passionate about acting and theater. That's one of my favorite activities. I have been acting for five years. I have been playing for five years. For example I played as Sylvia's part in "La double inconstance" or as Armande's part in " Les Femmes Savantes". I also dance zumba. I have been practicing since 2014. Furthermore I practice pingpong.

Due to my ADHD I need to do a lot of things. Hyperactivity could be considered as a huge flaw. However, it allows me to be sensitive and open-minded. As time goes by, I learn to be mature and concentrated. But I'm hyperactive, and it is one part of my personality, as I am also loving, faithful, responsible, and boring sometimes. Finally one thing I'm sure about myself is that I'm persevering.